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Fencing Repairs

SA Fence Construction can assist in both small and large fence repairs to ensure your property remains secure. We provide an emergency service and repairs to all fence types, including:

  • Timber Fence Repairs

    Timber fencing can deteriorate over time from moisture, fading colour, rot or insect damage, as well as warping of timber fence panels. Our Timber Fencing Repairs service allows us to be able to repair individual components of your affected timber fencing, including:

    • Replacing old broken or rotten timbers for fence posts or rails with new timber items or upgrade to metal posts and rails;
    • Replacing individual, or even all timber fence panels.
  • Metal Fence Repairs

    Like timber fencing, Metal fencing can deteriorate over time, and we can help with your metal fence repairs by:

    • Replacing old broken or rusted fence posts or rails with new metal posts or rails;
    • Replacing damaged, rusted or broken fence sheets.
  • Emergency Fence Repairs

    Our Emergency Fence Repair service is available 24/7 to help keep your premises secure. Contact us if your fence has been damaged or broken for a fast response to secure your property. We can also provide temporary fencing to help secure your property if an extensive repair is required.

Contact SA Fence Construction today to request your emergency fence repair.

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